Amateur Talent Show

Sponsored by Dover Hydraulics, Inc

Bring Your Talent to the Stage!

Sunday, July 7th - 1:00 PM

A popular event at First Town Days is the annual Amateur Talent Show.

Each year, the stage is packed full of exciting talent of all age ranges and genders. We have had dancers, singers, magicians, mimes and a host of other interesting talent entries.

The show, with new coordinator Marc Davis, is punctuated by a variety of showcase entertainment sandwiched in between each talent category so that the audience is never left un-entertained. T

he First Town Days Committee is grateful to Dover Hydraulics, Inc. for their generous sponsorship of this event, and their commitment to the community.

To participate, applications must be turned into the park officeby Saturday, July 6th at noon. Applications can be downloaded from this page

Sunday, July 7th - 1:00 PM
(Rehearsals Noon - 12:45)

Download Amateur Talent Show Registration Application